I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

I offer a lot of flexibility in scheduling, including weekend and evening appointments. Parking is available at the Centre for Psychotherapy. Both the building and my office are accessible for people with disabilities.

I always prefer to spend several minutes on the phone with a potential client trying to understand if I could help them at all.

The price of each session starts at $150. Should you have extended health care plan benefits I can assist you with being reimbursed for your sessions.

Below is a map to my office near Finch and Dufferin. Simply get in touch or request an appointment to schedule your next session.



I came to see Alex emotionally numb and paranoid. After working with him and on myself, I'm emotionally in tune and trusting of others. Not only is Alex a good shrink, he's also a decent human being. If you're going through difficulties in your life and want some help/clarity, you should reach out to him.


Alex is highly intuitive and brilliant. He’s had a profound impact on my life and I plan to continue seeing him whenever I need a professional to talk to.


I am very lucky to have met Alex. He is one of the best therapists you can possibly find out there. He truly cares about my progress and works hard to help me overcome my emotional difficulties. He is very intuitive and chooses the best approach that works for you. Thanks to Alex I am now the person I've always wanted to be.
I am very lucky to have met Alex. He is one of the best therapists you can possibly find out there. He truly cares about my progress and works hard to help me overcome my emotional difficulties. He is very intuitive and chooses the best approach that works for you. Thanks to Alex I am now the person I've always wanted to be.


I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life and I have sought the assistance of many psychologists and psychiatrists to help me overcome my anxiety. Prescribing medications has been a primary source of treatment and seemed like the best solution until my family doctor recommended Alex. Within the first eight minutes of our first session Alex explained the root cause of my anxiety and from that point on we worked on solving the problem. Not too long after, I went off my medication and have been free of medication ever since.


Alex is a professional at what he does. He is kind, genuine, honest and respectful. He guides me through my emotional journey and helped me with my panic attacks. With his help you will dig deep into your heart and find what you are looking for.


Alex is an incredibly caring and compassionate therapist. I had never been to therapy before but was dealing with some devastating changes in my life. I felt comfortable talking to Alex and really appreciated that he helped me come to terms with the issues I was facing. I learned new ways to look at my life and function as a person and continue to feel empowered in my life today through the work I did with Alex. Thank you!


Alex is a deeply empathetic person and an excellent DBT therapist. I have recommended him many times since he "graduated" me out of his program.
Alex teaches behavioral and emotional skills in an accessible, relatable fashion. He speaks respectfully and without judgement.
I definitely suggest you try a few sessions with him.


Alex is an incredible therapist. He has changed my life in the best possible way. He’s very knowledgeable and thoughtful. I saw him for 3 years and received tremendous amount of help. He is very caring, friendly and empathetic, but also offered me strategies to navigate my problems and gave me activities to do between sessions. I highly recommend him.


Working with Alex has completely changed my life. I was suffering from crippling anxiety and living a hard day to day life. With his help and guidance, I was able to learn what it would take for me to live a better life free from anxiety and taking the right steps for having a better future. I recommended him to all my friends and family and think he is a professional, knowledgeable and genuine. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done and helped me with!


Alex is an amazing human being. He is sensible, very intelligent, patient, flexible, and willing to work with you to help. I saw him during a particularly difficult time in my life. During our first two first sessions, Alex could see the real me, and quickly identified my inner problems without asking too much questions about my past. He gave me productive ways I needed to cope with what I was dealing with (low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, emotional numbness) in order to get from where I was to a happier, healthier point. His approach is straightforward, instead of giving me a lift in the passenger seat, he actually teaches me how to fly on my own to regain my freedom, which is in fact the ultimate goal of his therapy in my case. I much appreciate his honest, sometimes uncomfortable feedbacks perhaps, not everyone can take. Truly a life-changing experience!


I have struggled for years with seasonal affective disorder, anxiety and depression. I have been to a number of therapists that assisted with my depression and anger issues. I was recommended to Dr. Belakovsky by my family physician about two years ago due to work stress issues and anger issues. He has been very instrumental in helping me to acknowledge my emotions, mentalize them and then analyze reactions and responses that would be healthier than those of the past. It is a long and difficult process for me and he never gives up. His goal is to help me to heal the deep wounds associated with my past that I may be able to move forward knowing that I am not the person people had me believing that I was.



Our psychotherapy practice is in North York – Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Every individual is unique in their struggles and my task is to work with your personal challenges and provide the most appropriate and effective form of therapy.

Please take a look at my services page to see the types of conditions I am experienced in addressing. Again, the therapy type will be unique to you.

Seeking psychotherapy is a deeply personal choice but if your mental struggles are causing significant distress in your life and nothing you are doing seems to help, or you have turned to detrimental habits (e.g. drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.) in an attempt to cope, it is time to seek the expert help of a professional.

People who reach out to professional psychotherapists usually do so because their life seems to be unfulfilling. Many individuals may need help re-processing and managing their emotions and finding success in any aspect of their lives.

If you feel that life could be better or that you can’t adjust or continue on, psychotherapy can assist.

Psychotherapy is known as “talk therapy” and is a collaborative treatment based on a relationship between the client and the therapist.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does the world that my parents and teachers promised me turn out to be so difficult?” It doesn’t have to be. Psychotherapy works by focusing on adaptive coping and individual strengths so that you can overcome challenges and enjoy success.

Because psychotherapy is based on a collaborative relationship between patient and therapist, not every therapist is going to be a perfect match.

The best way to find the right therapist is to call and discuss what you need. You should lay out your issues and struggles before having an initial session with a therapist. A good therapist will immediately tell you if they can help you or not.

As a professional therapist, I take ethics and privacy extremely seriously, so you can trust that I safeguard our client-therapist confidentiality.

As a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, I am dedicated to upholding the code of my professional organization.

Because everyone is unique in their needs and challenges, it’s impossible to provide a timeline for therapy. However, goals and checkpoints are helpful in quickening the pace and can be discussed during your discovery call.

Some people stay with psychotherapy for a short period of time while others use psychotherapy as a method to unlocking greater self-awareness and personal development over a longer period of time.

Once therapy starts, we will review your progress so that you get the most out of your sessions. How long you stay in therapy is completely up to you.

At the present time, Psychotherapy cost $160 (HST included) per session.

Because OHIP does not cover psychotherapy, all my psychotherapy services are paid for directly by the client.

However, my services are covered by extended workplace benefits provided by most Canadian insurance carriers e.g. Sunlife, Great West Life etc.

Contact your health insurance provider to see if they cover psychotherapy services or ask your employer if they offer extended health plans that provide partial or full reimbursement.