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Some time ago a client who had been in therapy a few weeks asked me

Why does the world our parents and teachers promised us turn out to be so difficult? Why is life so hard?

- Anonymous Client -

That question was the real starting point of his own transformation from a sufferer into a full person, able to rise to his challenges and enjoy his successes. That question is one that each of us has to answer, because there is always a gap between our wishes and the reality we find ourselves in at any given moment. And that is why so much of the work I do as a therapist is about creating the strength to overcome this gap. My many years as a psychotherapist have brought me in contact with clients suffering extreme difficulties, and the skills I have gained working with them have enabled me to become a much more resilient therapist myself.

For the work of therapy is about going forward in life, not remaining stuck or being worried by our pasts. Psychotherapy is a profession that has itself grown up through study and research. We now know a great deal more about turning ourselves into our own role models, and creating our own realities, than we used to. Wouldn’t you agree that we all want to be able to overcome our difficulties like the heroines and heroes we see in books and movies? And so we should, for they show us how resilience makes us grow past frustrations and hardships.

I have seen many times how some people with severe difficulties ware able to keep going and eventually to change their lives, while others with lesser challenges lacked resilience and do not prosper.

If there is a magic word for change, it is resilience.


is the capacity to grow despite misfortune, gaining strength from challenges rather than surrendering to them.


is the capacity to grow despite misfortune, gaining strength from challenges rather than surrendering to them.

It really is a vital life-skill. And the best news is that resilience can be learned! That’s a huge bonus, given that we cannot have complete control of our lives. Observing the positive effects of such resilience, I became more and more interested in helping others gain this capacity.

No single type of psychotherapy is large enough to address all the parts of being human. There really is nobody quite like you and my task is to work with your individuality. This is why I focus on your future strength, not your past or current challenges. It’s why I use a variety of resilience-building therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioural-Therapy (CBT),Dialectical-Behavioural (DBT), Relational Process Experiential Therapy (RPET), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Existential and Solution-Focused approaches. It also explains why my style is active, transparent and interactional. Our working relationship is an important aspect of your therapy. What you tell me about your goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations. will help me to understand how you view your life and what it is that really matters to you. I primarily work in the here and now; we will talk about your past to better understand your current difficulties and focus on current events and coping methods. We will work together at achieving your goals and aspirations and finding ways to improve your quality of life and increase resilience. Your feelings are an important part of therapy since they play a crucial role in guiding you towards a more resilient future. You are likely to notice that some of the ideas and feelings that you pay little attention to at the moment may emerge as significant guides to the future in terms of actions. My experience with people of all cultures, backgrounds, identities and ages has sensitized me to the many ways in which we face life’s challenges.

Recently clients building resilience have worked on:

Anxiety, mental health, disorder, mental illness, Compulsive, obsessive, ocd


mental health, disorder, mental illness, depression, sad, Psychiatric, anxiety


Treatment, healing, mental health, healthcare, medical, patient, Gauze

Critical Illness and Terminal Illness

mental health, disorder, mental illness, depression, sad, Psychiatric, anxiety_1

Loss, bereavement, and grief

Dyslexia, symptom, mental health, disorder, mental illness, autism, learning

Relationship difficulties

Empathy, mental health, healthcare, treatment, management, healp, mind, happy


Binge eating, disease, hungry, mental health, disorder, mental illness, stress

self-image / body-image

disease, Alzheimer, mental health, disorder, mental illness, forgot, loss

Psychological impacts of immigration and readjustment

mental health, disorder, mental illness, borderline, bipolar, psycho, Personality

Child-Parent conflict

Social Anxiety, fear, phobia, paranoia, mental health, disorder, mental illness

Issues of Acculturation

mental health, disorder, mental illness, Workaholic, times, trauma, stress

Workplace stress/burnout and career explorations

mental health, disorder, mental illness, depression, stress, trauma, mental breakdown

Trauma including neglect, sexual, physical, emotional abuse.

Hypersexual, sex addict, mental health, disorder, mental illness, sex, intensive

Couples Counselling

ADHD, mental health, disorder, mental illness, depression, stressed, trauma

ADHD (18 years or older)

mental health, disorder, mental illness, depression, sad, mania, bipolar

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Insomnia, sleep, mental health, disorder, mental illness, strees, times

Aging with grace and dealing with frailty

burn out, mental health, disorder, mental illness, low, energy, power


mental health, disorder, mental illness, phobia, fear, Psychiatric, anxiety

LGBTQ issues and explorations in sexuality

mental health, disorder, mental illness, Dyslexia, Psychiatric, symptom, autism

Companion animal/pet loss and grief

and Cancer

I have developed a specialty in helping individuals and families facing cancer (psychosocial oncology). I strive to offer support and counselling to people afflicted with cancer who have specific unmet needs related to coping with their illness, emotional distress, changes in relationships, and at times planning for the next phase of their lives.

Section for Russian

Алекс Белаковский M. Ed. (психология)

Здравствуйте и Добро Пожаловать на сайт посвещённый психотерапии. Прежде всего позвольте кратко обяснить, что такое психотерапия. Психотерапия – это профессиональный термин, охватывающий широкий диапазон роботы с людьми на психологической основе связанной с человеческими чувствами, мыслями, поведением и физиологическими процессами в головном мозге. За последние 116 лет психотерапия приобрела широкий арсенал методов помощи людям, чтобы понять себя и мотивы своего поведения, улучшить качество своей жизни и взаимоотношения с другими людьми и наконец справится с конкретными трудностями, например как депрессия, тревога, вредные привычки или конфликты в семье.

О себе:
Я выпускник факультета психологии OISE/Университета Торонто и член ассоциации психотерапевтов Онтарио. Работаю в сфере ментального здоровья и психологической помощи 16 лет, а также преподаю клинические курсы в двух высшых учебных заведениях в Торонто. Мой подход к психотерапии является эклектическим. Он основан на том, что ни один конкретно изолированный вид психотерапии всеобемлюще не охватвает и не в состоянии разрешить трудности человеческого существования и человеческих взаимоотношений. Как психотерапевт я верю в то, что разные люди, находящиеся в разных жизненных ситуациях и сталкивающиеся с различными трудностями могут получить пользу от нескольких видов психотерапии.

Основные вопросы, по которым я могу вам помоч:

  • Состояния депрессии и тревоги
  • Консультаций семейных пар (marriage counselling)
  • Психологическая травма
  • Пограничное нарушение личности (BPD)
  • Психосоциальная онкология
  • Вопросы адаптации и стресса
  • Алкоголизм и наркомания
  • Вопросы сексуальной ориентации (LGBT Care)

Вы можете связаться со мной по телефону или по электронной почте. Я работаю по гибкому графику включая вечерние часы и выходные дни. Если вы обладаете страховкой с места работы то я помогу вам получить возврат от вашей страховой компании. Вот карта дороги к моему оффису-office at Bathurst and Steeles на Финч и Дафферин.

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